Custom 27 CP9A6T

Location WEST PALM BEACH, Florida
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Custom 27 CP9A6T - $1,495.00 for:
Pan Steel Drum - 27" solid hoop lead tenor chrome wrap skirt
$1,995.00 Fully Chromed
Palm Beach Pans began manufacturing Pans in the beginning of 2014. Pollis engaged Steel Drum experts from the industry such as Panyard and Keith Kropf Steel Drums and Eric Ness (Master Tuner) to jump start the project. Pollis also wanted to incorporate specific engineering that revolutionized the way Steel Drums were built. Jeff Anton Professional Engineer (PE) was brought in to help on the specifications and the design and spinning and Mold techniques to construct the Steel Drums   .Traditional Pan Builders use very crude shaping technology to construct their pans. Very often no two Steel Drums are the same or share the quality or sound of each other and therefore no quality control can be insured. Pollis encountered Students on a regular basis that came to their lessons with Pans that were out of tune (Steel Drum Tuners are a very scarce item in the United States). Their Pans require frequent tuning (One or twice a month on some pans at cost of up to $250.00 per tuning) and if they are played direct sunlight they go out of tune. Pollis engineering incorporates a specially designed Solid Hoop Rim and Spin Bowl technology and specialized wielding techniques that keep the Pan in tune for up to four years. In January 2014 Pan Beach Pans introduced its first 27” Spin Solid Hoop Lead C Tenor Steel Drum. In the Spirit of manufacturing a very good quality Steel Drum at a price point that is affordable for both Student and professionals Palm Beach Pan members are excited about the future of its Steel Drums that can be used in a classroom or orchestra, and are built to engineering specifications, built, sold and marketed by an American Company. The first Steel Drum was sold on July 17 th 2014 to a professional Steel Drummer performer from the Caribbean Islands and he is now touring- performing throughout the Southern United States. An order for the second steel drum has just been placed on July 20 th 2014.Our manufacturing plant is located in South Florida. Steel Drums, Cases, Stands and Mallets are available and can be ordered.
1 Year Limited Warranty. Does not include tuning or accidental damage. Warranty coverage to be determined by George Pollis and manufacturer.
Ship if in stock -
Estimate shipping $125.00
Approximate weight 40lbs
Crating extra Fully Chromed - $1995.00

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